Make It Good…

13 Jun

I’m not the best at sticking with things. My latest schemes include building a chandelier out of glass bottles and watching the last two seasons of “24”, both of which currently reside in the “indefinitely postponed” category.

Though I haven’t always been faithful to my projects, music has always been faithful to me. Music made childhood car rides in a red Honda without air conditioning bearable, given me comfort in times of crisis, and made life a whole lot more fun. I mean, I like to have solo dance (I call it dancing, others have called it “Anne-please-stop-doing-that-it’s-embarrassing-and-you’re-probably-going-to-break-a-lamp”) parties in my living room- what if there was no music to accompany my movements? People would think I was pepileptic (“Flight of the Conchords, anyone?) and having a mild seizure. Well, people still sometimes think that, but my point is… forgotten. I just thought of the time I tried to do the robot in public.

I’ve been going to a fair number of concerts lately and thought I’d jot down my experiences and reflections here, as well as my current music obsessions, thoughts about bands (don’t get me started on bad auto-tuning, or conversely PLEASE get me started on The Beach Boys), guitar progress (I’m going to start taking lessons over the summer), and really anything that has a good beat and inspires me to want to write about it.

Oh, The Beach Boys. I was waiting for someone to mention them. Thanks, Anne, for that. Their songs are the inspiration for my username, and the titles of my posts. It’s one of my solid beliefs that everything can be related back to a Beach Boys song- they capture every emotion, moment, and feeling. Beliefs ain’t enough in the scientific world, so I thought I’d put it to the test and see if I can find a title to match the subject of my post every day (Optimistic Anne thinks she’ll blog every day, oh how naive…).

Currently listening to: Is This It album by The Strokes, digging “Barely Legal” and “New York City Cops” the most right now

(I watched The Strokes play last night on the Bonnaroo live video feed and I haven’t been able to focus on anything else since.)

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