It’s Gettin’ Late…

16 Jun

It’s way too late (almost to the point where it’s way too early) but I wanted to write down an idea before I sleep. Apparently if you think of something just before you go to sleep you’re more likely to remember it than if you have the thought, dilly dally, then hit the hay. However, it’s such a burden to carry that seedling all night long, through my dreams and subconscious- as they say, just let it out!

Cookie dough. The hems of freshly cut jeans turned jean shorts. Emotions. These are dishes best served raw. As delicious as freshly baked cookies are, can they compare to the joy of licking the batter off a spoon? No.

The conversation about raw cuts of songs vs. processed versions is kind of like the cookie conversation- different people prefer different stages of the product. The raw version of the song has all the same base ingredients as the processed/auto-tuned/synthesized/what-have-you version, they just haven’t been baked and glazed with sugar sweet frosting yet.

I recently attended a presentation about The Beatles’ “White Album” where a Beatlemaniac showed rare clips of the Fab Four, as well as early takes of songs- some of which had isolated tracks where certain instruments were highlighted a specific times. This process helped shed light on some of the quirky instrumentation The Beatles used (my favorite example being that Paul McCartney sang the bass part on “I Will”) and kind of (read: hopefully) goes back to my tendency towards under-processed tracks- I’d rather be able to hear a finger sliding down the strings of a guitar or a cough or breaths in between lyrics and sacrifice perfect-pitch vocals. It’s more interesting.

This clearly isn’t as eloquent as it was in my head, but at least it’s out there. I can rest easyyyyyfeiwoajeifowurewo *head hits the keyboard and a mild coma strikes*

Currently listening to: She Plays Me Like a Theremin by Lenzie Ross (I heard one of his songs in a mix today and declare his songs a perfect sleepy-time-sendoff soundtrack)

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