Everyone’s in Love with You…

18 Jun

And when I say “you”, I’m lookin’ at puppies and albums. Consider yourselves targeted for the next few paragraphs!

The Clash is one of my favorite bands. They always get me pumped up (the beats of their self-titled album provide the perfect rhythm for jogging- the American version starting off on a high note with “Janie Jones” and building up to the ultimate booster “White Riot”), and I love how they can convey all their angst without being cruel with their lyrics, how they only sprinkle a swear word in every so often instead of drowning their songs with ’em- everything in moderation. To me they’re punk (duh), but accessible punk. I can relate to their plights, and every so often even understand the vocals. ;)

But back to love. I absolutely love their self-titled album. Love it. The version I have on my iPod is the UK version (tracklist: 1. Janie Jones, 2. Remote Control, 3. I’m So Bored with the U.S.A., 4. White Riot, 5. Hate & War, 6. What’s My Name, 7. Deny, 8. London’s Burning, 9. Career Opportunities, 10. Cheat, 11. Protex Blue, 12. Police & Thieves, 13. 48 Hours, 14. Garageland), and that’s the one I know the best. As of today though, that might change as my dad gave me the American and UK versions on vinyl (^__________^). I guess when the American version (tracklist: 1. Clash City Rockers, 2. I’m So Bored with the U.S.A., 3. Remote Control, 4. Complete Control, 5. White Riot, 6. White Man in Hammersmith Palais, 7. London’s Burning, 8. I Fought The Law, 9. Janie Jones, 10. Career Opportunities, 11. What’s My Name, 12. Hate & War, 13. Police & Thieves, 14. Jail Guitar Doors, 15. Garageland) was being compiled, the guys thought that as it was just past our country’s 200th anniversary we might appreciate a little extra rabble-rousing via a great cover of “I Fought the Law” (I certainly do).

Loving a favorite album is a lot like loving a dog. Dogs are notorious for their fierce loyalty and solace during hard times, and one can argue that an album can provide these comforts as well. Turn up the stereo or put those earbuds in, and an album can melt worries away. It’ll be happy for you to hit that “replay” button to your heart’s content without complaint, and for a moment, man those lyrics were written just for you. “Oh man Joe, you tried to join a ping pong club and got rejected?! Me too! You get me.” Though a little bit more rough around the edges (literally) than a canine, albums can provide similar emotional comforts as man’s best friend- just less slobbery.

I remember once when I was crazy homesick, it wasn’t friends or Nutella that made me feel better, it was Henry Mancini’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” score that nursed me back to happiness. I still owe him one for that day. And substituting comfort albums for comfort food is a lot easier on the ol’ gut, too- win win (or as Michael Scott would urge, win win win).

Everyone has “that album”- that one that got them through a death or a break-up or the flu, and the gratitude owed to that musical bud shouldn’t be overlooked. My mission for you today: skip hugging a tree and go hug your favorite album. Make it breakfast in bed. Compliment it on how well it has aged, and make it feel appreciated.

Currently listening to: Side 5 of Bob Dylan’s “Biograph”, but The Clash, The Smiths (“Meat is Murder”), and The Carpenters have all made appearances today

2 Responses to “Everyone’s in Love with You…”

  1. lundygras June 18, 2011 at 11:43 PM #

    I do know exactly what you mean. The songs on constant replay during my first serious break up are as follows:
    Eddie Kendricks; Darling, Come Back Home, and Each Day I Cry A Little. Followed up by: War; Lotus Blossom, and Why Can’t We Be Friends. Finishing off the loop was Rush; Tears. a short little ballad and quite unusual for this Hard Rock Canadian Power Trio.
    Hugging those albums now and telling them how much I appreciate them getting me thru that horrible time.

    • blogonlyknows June 20, 2011 at 12:36 AM #

      Oh my gosh, what heartbreakers! One of the nice things about songs that aren’t played on iPods- there’s no count of how many times you drop that needle or hit replay, it’s a secret kept between only you and your song. :)

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