Still I Dream of It…

19 Jun

To be able to write with ease.

As I mentioned yesterday, my dad (Happy Father’s Day!) and I have been listening to Bob Dylan’s “Biograph” album- it’s five discs (I wanted to write vinyls, but that sounds wrong- what do you call multiple vinyl-formatted things? I feel like it would be discs, but that could get mixed up with CD discs…) long and is packaged in a lovely box that includes a booklet (it wouldn’t be a stretch to call it a book, it’s pretty substantial) and sleeves that have song explanations (inspirations, general thoughts, background, etc.) on them.

…And that’s not even starting on the songs. A bunch of them are unreleased versions, or songs that were entirely unreleased until now (now being 1985 when this came out, hah)- lots of goodies for Dylan junkies.

My favorite song blurb (thanks, Dad, for pointing it out!) is the one for “Just Like a Woman”- we all know it. Classic song that still holds up- I wore pearls just the other day. ;) Dylan’s words regarding his writing of it? “I think I was on the road… I think I wrote it in Kansas City or something, on Thanksgiving, yeah I’m pretty sure I did… I was invited over to somebody’s house for Thanksgiving dinner but I didn’t go, didn’t feel like doing anything, I wasn’t hungry, I stayed in my hotel room and wrote this.”

HAH. He wrote it because he “didn’t feel like doing anything”. Gosh, what would happen if he actually became motivated? Oh right, the other hundred perfect songs he’s written.

So, that’s your lesson for today kids- skip the big meal this year. Thanksgiving isn’t a time for nomming with relatives you only really connect with through Christmas cards (so 1950’s) or fighting over the wishbone (so last year, and that’s definitely not just because I always get the short end), it’s a time to sit by yourself and write a beloved classic.
Really, which would you rather- indigestion or a song that people write blog posts about?

Currently listening to: Paris 2004 by Peter Bjorn and John (betcha thought I was going to say “Just Like a Woman”, right? I was going to, but then this little ditty decided to get stuck in my head)

2 Responses to “Still I Dream of It…”

  1. Jay June 20, 2011 at 12:44 AM #

    I’d call multi-vinyl-formatted things box sets.
    – Jason

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