We’ll Run Away…

21 Jun

I’ve walked out of stores before when a Bruno Mars song came on.

When I hear “Grenade”, all I can think about is Flight of the Conchords. Remember that episode (season 1, episode 4) where Bret was writing a song for Coco, and at first he made the same rookie mistake as Bruno where he listed crazy things he could do for her without thinking it through?

Jemaine: Okay. “I’d climb the highest mountain.” Would you actually do that?
Bret: Probably not.
Jemaine: Well, you’re sort of promising that you would.
Bret: That’s a metaphor.
Jemaine: Oh, is it? Oh, okay. What’s it a metaphor for?
Bret: For, that I’d do anything for her.
Jemaine: Would you climb the highest mountain for her?
Bret: Oh god, I see.

Bret luckily had a friend like Jemaine to dissuade him from making extravagant claims that he wouldn’t be able to follow through with in actuality.

Bruno, I’ll be your friend here. Would you literally catch a grenade for this girl? Or jump off a plane? Make sure she’s not just a passing phase, because I’d bet that even your next song is going to be about another girl.

…Mate. ;)

Currently listening to: Calgary by Bon Iver (he’s on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight and I’m SO EXCITED- worlds of favorites are colliding!!)

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