Please Let Me Wonder…

22 Jun

Sometimes I wonder what bands would be like if they were people, and today I was thinking about Bon Iver (because I bought tickets (!!!) to see Senor Justin Vernon (!!!!!) today zomgzomgzomgzomgcan’twaituntilAugust).

He’d be that high school kid (the one with the name no one can pronounce on the first try so he’s automatically weird) who sat in the far corner of the classroom, doodling away. People don’t just ignore him because he’s too interesting, but don’t readily befriend him because he’s too interesting. He’s the one who’s ideas where considered weird until they weren’t.

“Ewww, he’s writing about blood banks? If you’re gonna go all morbid, Bonnie (that’s what I’d hope imaginary-high-school-Bon-Iver’s nickname to be), at least add some hot vamps.”

“I can’t find Holocene on my map. I’m using the Maps app and everything, that never fails me! This song is blatantly pointing out a flaw in one of Apple’s programs- it can’t find imaginary towns. Insulting Apple is like insulting my child- detention.”

He’d be really cool on the internet, because that’s where he could anonymously share his ideas. Kind of like “The Voice” show, but without Christina Aguilera. ;) Yeah, he’d definitely be into posting deep, angst-y, beautiful poetry on the net.

Currently listening to: Holocene by Bon Iver (no witty snap about my choice today, the a song that’s good for your soul)

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