Aren’t You Glad…

30 Jun

Now for the second and final installment of Articles That Changed My Life. And yes, I am glad. Glad that I read this spread and glad it surprised me by being so amazing. :)

This one comes packaged with the most unlikely cover: Justin Bieber. No worries about drool marks on this issue. ;) The article that makes up for the cover’s silliness is titled “The Fury and the Power of The Clash: How the Anger That Fueled the Only Band That Mattered Also Tore it Apart”, and fittingly so.

I went way overboard in detail and length yesterday, and I feel like keeping it short and sweet tonight. My favorite part of the article was the anecdote that recalled how one night Mick didn’t feel like playing “White Riot”, so Strummer punched him and said that the fans expected it, just go out there and suck it up. And he did. :P The article chronicled their short but fiery run so well and really gave me a feel for the guys in the band, their struggles, what made them so angst-y, etc. It stayed in the back of my brain for weeks, and I brought it up in conversations all the time- things in everyday life kept relating back to it. It really stayed with me, is staying with me.

The day after I read this article I went to the store and bought two Clash CD’s: a live album and their self titled (UK version). I had to listen to the songs that I’d read so much about. I mean I’d heard them before, but they had more meaning and made more sense when I knew what the boys were going through during their recording and production.

It was really after buying (and audibly devouring) those CD’s that I put a push on getting my own vinyl collection in order- Combat Rock is on of the first records I bought.

So there it is, the articles without which I wouldn’t be who I am today. I want to write the author of The Clash article (Mikal Gilmore) a big thank you letter, I just might.

Currently listening to: The Firm by John Grisham audiobook, only about an hour left

2 Responses to “Aren’t You Glad…”

  1. Francis July 1, 2011 at 11:10 AM #

    My step Dad (who fancies him self a music buff) didn’t know the clash. -10 music guru points dude.

    I love audio books! :D

    • blogonlyknows July 2, 2011 at 6:54 PM #

      10 points from Griffindor!! ;) I hope you educated him, if nothing more than “London Calling”, “Rock the Casbah”, and their “I Fought the Law” cover!

      Me too, especially when they have great narrators. :)

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