That Same Song…

1 Jul

Most people get kinks in their neck, but I’ve got Kinks in my eardrums. The Kinks to be exact. ;)

“(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman” has been on repeat for a little over an hour now, and the marathon isn’t going to stop until I fall asleep.

I think I may have discovered a new classification for a great song: when really, really mundane things are being sung about and you’re hooked beyond belief. Getting out of bed? Sneezing (twice!)? A cup of tea? I don’t think these stories would make the top fold of any newspaper, but somehow The Kinks made it a hit.

Now, you may argue “Anne, it’s just the sweet guitar strummin’ and driving beat that make this song marathon material”, and to you I reply in the negative. Sure, the beats are a big part of what make me stick around for 6:00, but I do find myself singing along with Ray. Maybe it’s the emotion creeping out of his lovely bored-sounding-but-lovely-on-the-ears vocals or maybe it’s blind Kinks love, but I find myself wanting to care about what that silly Brit is seeing in the mirror and his latest weigh in.

Sure, I’m more of a Batman girl myself, but for my buds The Kinks I can make an exception. :)

Currently listening to: I’ll give you one guess…

Edit: I forgot to add that this song just happens to be on the only Kinks record I own. It was in New York City, it was spring, it was the only record that caught my eye, it was before I’d ever properly listened to The Kinks, it was a chance I took, and it turned out to be fate. :)

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