It’s Just a Matter of Time…

2 Jul

I know that if I keep practicing, success will be mine! Now I’m not talking about practicing times tables or public speaking or witchcraft- no, none of those silly things. I’m talking about my Billy Idol face.

You know the one (and if you don’t- reader meet Google Images, Google Images meet reader), that snarl, that ultimate look of “I’m disgusted, slightly mad, and on a pouting level of Victoria Beckham”. It’s a complex process: start with puffing out your lips slightly, raising the side of the top lip, death-glaring into the mirror, this isn’t kiddy stuff- pros only.

On the same “I wish I could recreate this with my face” scale are: The Rolling Stones’ lips, The Mona Lisa (more for her ability to be looking directly at you, regardless of the angle), and of course the face on Iron Maiden’s self titled (the holy grail). ;)

This whole thought process began when Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack” started playing at work, I tried to remember what he looked like, and into my mind popped Bleached Blonde Billy instead of Boring Brown Billy.

Currently listening to: Bruised by Ben Folds

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