4th of July…

4 Jul

The Beach Boys made it really easy on me today, thanks guys! Must have known I’m tired and done me a solid (…40 years ago when it was recorded).

Summer officially began for me two days ago, when I heard Weezer’s “Island in the Sun”. It’s not my favorite song in the world, and it’s not the lyrics or melody that hold special meaning for me, but the first time that song comes on the radio each year it’s my version of Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow- when I hear it I know that warm days are here.

Song associations are funny. I visited Pittsburgh with my mom when I was in late elementary school to see my cousins, and ever since then I’ve considered Fastball’s “The Way” and “When It’s Over” by Sugar Ray “Pittsburgh Songs”- I think they were on the radio a lot as we drove around. Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was the first song I bought off iTunes and put on my iPod, I remember hiding under the covers and listening to it over and over, little 7th Grade me so excited with my new toy.

I remember “Piano Man” from a karaoke night in South Africa when my friends and I were singing along, and a new friend we made that night said it was their favorite song in the world, it was the only song that got them crooning. Looking at the lyrics, they fit perfectly with my memories, they’re sad and they’re sweet and I knew them complete about half a year ago.

Going even further than specific events and moments, there are the songs I relate to people. There’s my Boys Like Girls-esque mixtapes from Emma freshman year, she made them for me before we went to Warped Tour. It was in Belle and Sebastian’s own Glasgow that I first heard them on the radio in a shopping center with a friend who is perhaps their biggest fan, that was a serendipitous treat.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but I can’t even begin to imagine what a melody’s value would be. With a picture, the visual’s there right in front of you. Sure, there’s room for interpretation of pictures, but everyone sees the same thing. With a tune, the listener gets to be the painter of pictures in their mind with limitless possibilities. I may hear “Ask” by The Smiths (a seemingly harmless song) and tear up, while someone bursts out laughing remember that funny thing that person did that time, while another person simply and contentedly sways their head to the beat.

Currently listening to: The World at Large by Modest Mouse

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