Feel Flows…

5 Jul

No, I’m not going to the black or white hot glistening shadowy flows, today’s topic is about the flow of music- how what works for some people won’t work for others.

I’m currently reading “Life” by Keith Richards, and there was a passage that struck me today. Remember a few days ago I blogged about repetitiveness in music, how there’s definitely such thing as too much of a good melody, overuse? A passage in the book talked about exactly that.

“Jimmy Reed was a very big model for us. That was always two-guitar stuff. Almost a study in monotony in many ways, unless you got in there. But then Jimmy Reed had something like twenty hits in the charts with basically the same song. He had two tempos. But he understood the magic of repetition, of monotony, transforming itself to become this sort of hypnotic, trancelike thing. We were fascinated by it, Brian and I. We would spend every spare moment trying to get down Jimmy Reed’s guitar sounds.” (104)

Here, Keith Richards is talking about the other end of the every-Jack-Johnson-song-sounds-the-same-and-bores-me-to-tears scale. The type of guy who can use the same tune and have you love it every time. Make you want more, even though you have plenty of a similar style. Where he takes a musical point of view and sticks to it, making you want to, need to, stick to it was well.

I don’t know if I’ve found that person yet. Well, it may be Conor Oberst. He doesn’t fit under the “same song and dance but it’s darn good” umbrella, but his songs do make me think, inspire me to write songs of my own, inspire me to embrace the weird and solemn and melancholy and call it beautiful, inspire me in general. Ok, maybe I have found my guy. ;)

Currently listening to: Out of the Blue by Julian Casablancas

2 Responses to “Feel Flows…”

  1. lundygras July 6, 2011 at 12:03 AM #

    They are certainly not everyone’s taste, but I think they are a good example of a group that has some experience in this area. Maybe it’s about knowing what they like and sticking to it. What ever it is, they have been doing it for a long time. With them, you know what you’re going to get and if you’re a fan, you love every minute.
    They have a sound that’s unmistakably them. You may hear beats and riffs from albums in the past, but they have a way of just making it fun to listen to. You can tell that they are having fun playing it and maybe that’s more than half the battle.
    I think it’s ok to have some music that is your “comfort food”. You don’t need an updated recipe, you want it just like grandma used to make.
    The band AC/DC (school boy uniforms will always rock no matter how old you get) :)

  2. blogonlyknows July 11, 2011 at 12:00 AM #

    I’ve been listening to more of them lately- when I read Rob Sheffield’s books I simultaneously listened to the songs/bands he mentioned, it took the material to another level. I’ve been doing the same with “Life”. :)
    Agreed regarding the uniforms- who’d dare disagree with AC/DC? ;)

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