Custom Machine…

7 Jul

I don’t know how he’s built or if science has figured out if it’s physically possible to groove as he does, but boy is MC Hammer a dancer.

The town next to mine hosts a concert series on Thursdays in the summer featuring has-beens, one-hit-wonders, random rockers in the area, and randoms in general- and tonight it was Hammer Time!

The opening acts opened, the equipment guys equipped, I waited. Two announcers took the stage, and announced it was time for the big guy. The crowd started clapping, hands were waving, cameras at the ready, then… nothing. For 10 minutes. No explanation. Then, from the distance to the right, an entourage approaches, suited up and ready to go. Taking his sweet time, Hammer moseyed around back stage, then the beats started pumping and the background dancers ran onto the stage and did their thang. Hammer comes on and busts out his first single and first number, “Let’s Get It Started”. I’m lovin’ it. I’m there with three friends who are more there for kicks than tunes, and I’m probably excited enough for the four of us. Ok, fine, you got me, definitely excited enough for the four of us. ;)

The suit jacket comes off, a couple songs including “Addams Groove” and “Pray” (complete with props of roses), then my moment- “Too Legit To Quit”. This is without a doubt my favorite Hammer song as well as my favorite gang-sign-dance. I love everything about it. Just hearing it live, seeing the man himself do the hand motions, the rapping, the everything, it took my breath away. I wore the goofiest smile for a good 20 minutes, and rightfully so. Just thinking about it again, I’m getting it back.

During one of the songs, Hammer went down a gated path in the center and stood on the sound box setup, basically planting himself right in front of me. Woah. We almost made eye contact, but I think he was too into the song he wasn’t seeing people, just seeing his beats float above our heads. Seeing us trying to grab them, hold them, love them. Which we did, of course.

The finale was, as expected, “U Can’t Touch This”. Smiles and sing-alongs all around, then poof! Hammer has left the building. It wasn’t a terribly long set, but it didn’t need to be. I got my favorite songs and some filler songs that were great for him to dance to. Sorted. Happy camper, am I.

Currently listening to: The ringing in my ears and Stereogum’s “Bon Iver’s 10 Best Cover Songs”

3 Responses to “Custom Machine…”

  1. lundygras July 8, 2011 at 2:53 AM #

    I hope at least 1 person in your group had Harem or parachute pants on!

    • blogonlyknows July 10, 2011 at 11:46 PM #

      Haha sadly we weren’t wearing any… AND NEITHER WAS MC HAMMER! I was sorely disappointed, as it was my hope that they were part of his contract. ;)


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