Winter Symphony…

9 Jul

It’s too hot today, so I’m going to cool my brain down by writing about one of my favorite parts of winter’s holiday season: Snoopy’s Christmas songs with the Royal Guardsmen. That cassette is one of the things that makes me happiest, and as soon as a song starts the lyrics and tune rush back into my head, regardless of how many years it’s been since my last listen. In my elementary school years, the tape was a regular. It made the appropriate appearances during the holidays, but also most weeks of the year as well. I l-o-v-e-d that tape. I had a few stuffed Snoopies (one wearing a Macy’s sweater that my aunt / Santa gave me for Christmas- “Santa shops at Macy’s?!” exclaimed young Anne; another smaller one which I carried around with me like a third arm (and when he got misplaced this led to the 3rd Snoopy, his brother), Snoopy thimbles, old Snoopy comic books passed down from my dad and maternal grandmother, and probably more paraphernalia that’s currently hiding in the recesses of my mind. The point is, I love Snoopy.

That album taught me a lot. It taught me what no man’s land was, about camel time and the Red Baron, and how good dog houses are at flying through a WWI war zone (answer: very). ;) The cassette got safely filed away in a place remembered by none, until two Christmases ago when my Super Dad found it and reunited me with a major piece of my childhood.

I don’t know what reminded me of Snoopy’s Chrismas this evening, maybe nothing. It’s entirely possible, entirely probable, that Snoopy’s always on my mind, just looking for an excuse to climb up into my conscious, wade through my brain, repel out my ear, and onto my fingertips.

Currently listening to: The Very Best of Dionne Warwick

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