The Warmth of the Sun…

12 Jul

I think that the hot weather calculations should be changed from percentages of humidity in the air to pounds of sweat I’m going to produce per hour spent outside. If this plan was enacted, my stats would chart in at a 3:1 ratio. Phew! In any event, the Anne Weather Association suggests lots of milkshakes, preferably black-and-white flavor.

I was running errands around NYC today for my internship and got to spend lots of quality time the the elements. Good news: I had my iPod with me so at least I could enjoy some cool tunes to balance out the heat (if only science worked like that…). Bad news: my earbuds were on the fritz so the left one’s greatest function was looking pretty while the right was alright but a little low. But I persevered! I’m going to be waiting for my medal of honor in the mail in 3-5 business days. The Beach Boys were my soundtrack of the day, I don’t know how but their songs reach a higher plain when listened to in the conditions they love to sing about: summertime, sun, and surfing (I surfed the internet, that definitely counts). They should come with a warning label: WARNING, CONTENTS EXPAND (IN QUALITY) WHEN EXPOSED TO HEAT. ;)

Also some late breaking music news: Dr. Dog is going to be touring with Bright Eyes later in the summer! Oh my gosh! I don’t really picture them together at all (musically speaking, style-wise), but you can’t deny a quality lineup. :)

Currently listening to: a ten minute version of Heroes and Villains by The Beach Boys, more is muchmuchmuch better! :)

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