Here Today…

15 Jul

Spotify has finally crossed the pond! I’ve heard my UK friends talking about this site for a while, and had my heart broken I clicked on links they posted as I was rejected time and time again from visiting the site as America wasn’t on the guest list. It’s all about connections.

The basic premise of the site is that you can listen to any song (I think they have about 14 million in their catalogue) 5x per month fo’ free on their site, and pay $5-10 if you want to be able to add songs to an mp3 player. The only catch is that you technically don’t own the songs as you would if you bought them off iTunes or in a similar manner, you’re really just renting them on a month-to-month basis. So yes it’s annoying in the sense that you have to keep up a subscription if you want that feature, but in the grand scheme of things it seems like a better deal than 5 songs off iTunes. Saying that, though, I won’t be using that upgrade feature. I’m a happy clam just getting on the site, who cares about features schmeatures! ;)

I’m a big fan of Pandora, it’s a great way to find out about new music and take credit for rad playlists if you’re ever called upon to make a last-minute mix tape (and if you never thought of ripping off the site to your advantage in that way, you’re welcome, leave your tips in the jar by the door), but it is annoying to not be able to listen to specific songs right when you want them. Gosh darn, when I’ve got a T Rex craving, the generic brand just won’t do!

I just put in the request for an invitation to the site, let’s hope my 4th Grade e-mail address will catch their eye and give me a bump up in the list. ;)

Currently listening to: Darlin’ by The Beach Boys

Edit: I also updated my last 2 posts about James Blake, if you want to check those out now that they’re, you know, longer than a sentence fragment. :)

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