Had to Phone Ya… (Justin Timberlake on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

19 Jul

Hahahahhaha I’m scrapping whatever profound subject I was going to cover today. I’ve been catching up with my Late Night with Jimmy Fallons (like a good girl should) and tonight’s main guest was Justin Timberlake. He’s one of those guys whose movies I probably won’t see and original music I won’t like, but boy is he great in interviews. He’s a friend of the show, and had a great time kickin’ back with Jimmy- joking about old times and making for great late night TV. He was recently the host of the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and Jimmy came back for a reoccurring segment of theirs where they are a strange, dated, foreign, beard-wearing duo who host a political talk show. The sing in that sketch, so naturally when he was on Late Night a reunion was expected. Last time he was on the show, Justin joined Jimmy in singing “The History of Rap” where they mashed up classic rap songs in a jolly fashion, and tonight they debuted part two.

It’s a bit funnier with the video, but don’t get picky with me! I’m darn proud of my audio capabilities so DON’T MAKE ME FEEL INADEQUATE! ;)

The History of Rap Part 2 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
(can you name all the songs they sample?)

2 Responses to “Had to Phone Ya… (Justin Timberlake on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)”

  1. Francis July 22, 2011 at 9:31 AM #

    You know JT is part of a group that’s bought MySpace. Do you think it’s got hope?

    • blogonlyknows July 22, 2011 at 1:10 PM #

      If he sings a rap in which he lists reasons why I should use the site… maybe. ;)

      I think that it’s so funny though because he was just in the Facebook movie and now he’s buying MySpace. Where do his allegiances lie?!

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