It’s A Beautiful Day… (Happy Bon Iver Day!)

22 Jul

The indie world’s newest hero: Mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett. Earlier this week he announced that today, July 22, shall forevermore (in Milwaukee) be known as Bon Iver Day. In a statement released on Pitchfork, the mayor gave a press release behind his reasoning for the holiday and this particular date (Bon Iver is kicking off their anoche).

This didn’t come out of left field. When Wisconsin finds itself with a claim to fame that’s non-dairy related, they’re going to hold on to it. Cherish it. Make a city wide holiday celebrating it. And as they should, Bon Iver deserves it.

My most pressing query, though, is what Bon Iver etiquette involves. Is there an exchange of gifts? Should the day be spent in a cabin for authenticity? How many weeks before the holiday should one stop shaving so they have a prime woodsman’s beard? Are you expected to speak in a falsetto all day?

Currently listening to: Minnesota, WI by Bon Iver
Minnesota, WI by Bon Iver

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