Be Still… (Louder Than Bombs Song-by-Song Part 2)

24 Jul

A couple days ago I started a breakdown of The Smiths’ Louder Than Bombs album. I said I’d finish up the second half the next day, but one day real time is equivalent to about 4 days Anne time (you’ve been warned). But, as long as it takes, I do eventually get around to my grand plans (I’m a devout blogger and indeed consider my posts grand and majestic).

An Official Breakdown (Part 2):

Ask by The Smiths
Track 13, Ask
I first heard this song in a mix by British group called Datasette, the full track was about 90 minutes long and included excerpts of German techno, 90’s British electronic, and The Smiths music (among others). None of the names of songs sampled in this mix were given, so I had to tediously write down snippets of lyrics I heard, Google like a boss, and hope that the cyber search fates were with me. I turned out to be in their good graces as my searches came to fruition and united me with “Ask”, and in turn the entire Louder Than Bombs album. This is my “how we met” story, I like remembering when I first heard songs. Even further than this fun little anecdote, I do love the song’s message of stepping out of one’s shell, to stop being shy and coy, and come out with one’s intentions. It’s like the kid from “Half A Person” in the future, when they muster up some guts.

Golden Lights by The Smiths
Track 14, Golden Lights
This is probably the song I listen to the second most often because of it’s prime real estate location right after “Ask” in the track listing. I do like it on its own though, it’s so much softer than most other Smiths songs, but still rings true. Instead of billboard-esque lights that I believe Morrissey to be referring to, I always picture the Northern Lights swirling in my head.

(2 songs is all I can manage tonight, so tired but I tried!)

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