27 Jul

Breathe Anne, breathe. In through the nose, out through the knee… elbow… pinkie toe… gah I’m so dumbstruck I can’t even remember what my mouth is called.

…Wait, that’s it- mouth! That’s the word I was looking for! I knew I’d get there eventually. Still working on the actual breathing though, anyone know where one can rent a respirator late at night? I don’t feel responsible enough at the moment to carry out such basic, automatic functions. But I have a good excuse..

Being the vain and narcisistic gal I am, I was looking at my blog stats this evening and found that they were fairly high. And when I say fairly high, I mean the highest they’ve even been. Of course I’d like to chock that up people finally catching on to my quick with and liberal use of puns, but just incase that dream is yet to be realized I looked deeper into the stats, specifically the referrers section. Normally it’s just Facebook or sites that look eerily spam-worthy, but on this occasion a familiar url popped out to me:

Wait. That’s a real site. Like, a REAL site. One that I often read in my spare time and am directed to for my internships. They’re the guys who have photo passes at concerts and get to stand in the front of the crowd and snap their little hearts out while the rest of us wish we could even get our DSLRs in the building. They’re the guys who got me into the Vans concert a couple weeks ago. They’re the guys who, well, are at the heart of the New York City (and beyond) music scene. And what did they go and do this time? They quoted my blog about Charles Bradley (did I stutter?!).

You can look for yourselves on their site, or direct your eyeballs below:

Under that the author does add a few extra details and insights, but it was my text that he put at the top. Mine, mine, mine! And it was my observation that Charles Bradley deserved a couple thousand more people in attendance that the commenters agreed with. It’s when you have the commenters on your side that you know you’ve reached god status (but with the uncanny ability to stay levelheaded, of course). ;)

The main reason I write here is for myself, to strengthen my writing craft, to help myself become a better critic, to have somewhere to dork out about The Beach Boys and all the other old bands I love without any rolled eyes, but outside recognition is always welcomed and very much appreciated. :)

Currently listening to: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine by The Seeds
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine by The Seeds

One Response to “You’re So Good to Me… (BROOKLYN VEGAN QUOTED ME!)”

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