Our Prayer… (Pocket Vinyl, A Band You’ll Love to Love)

1 Aug

I’ve been very nervous for the past few days, very nervous indeed. At the Bright Eyes concert in Vermont there was a lot of hurry-up-and-wait time: in line before the gates opened, in front of the stage before the music started, afterwards at the merch booth, waiting for the next wait, etc. While I was driving around town on a poncho and buffalo wings quest, my dad befriended newlyweds named Eric and Elizabeth. In addition to being charming and friendly as they come, it turned out that they’re in a band- two members of the Pocket Vinyl duo.

How lovely is their album artwork?

They explained that during performances Eric takes the piano and croons (when you hear his voice, you’ll see why “sings” just doesn’t cut it adjective-wise) while Elizabeth paints original pictures which are sold afterwards. What a great concept, Thanksgiving for the ears and the eyes!

From playing to rough ‘n’ tough ‘n’ skeptical ‘n’ soon converted to the Pocket side bikers to jamming on back porches to becoming a part of the rural Pennsylvania music scene, they had some great stories that had me eyeing the crowd in hopes that I could find my own partner to conquer the open road and audible world with (still looking by the way, missed connection post in the works)…

It was after we parted at the end of the concert that I got nervous. I told them that I had a blog and wanted to mention them, not thinking about the weight of that concept. What if they were a crap band? What if Elizabeth’s paintings rivaled those of an arthritic elephant with a paint brush? What if the “if you like this band you’ll probably also like…” suggestions were Texas’ 2nd best The Chipmunks auto-tuning cover band and the sound a raisin makes when dropped into a glass of milk?! I’ve got to keep my journalistic integrity up, but they were just so damn nice that I was sorely tempted to mentally prepare myself to use vague words like “interesting” and “unique” to band-aid my bleeding ears. During the whole ride home I prayed and prayed that they had rhythm.

Phew! I got so lucky. So so so lucky. It turns out that Pocket Vinyl is a band that is as easy to love as the artists themselves- kind of like if Ben Folds Five took on a piano to become a Six, ditched all the members aside from echoes of Ben’s vocal chords, added a little folk for warmth, and a dash of comfort. I immediately gravitated towards “Field Day”, and doubly so when I scrolled down their site and found its music video which features Elizabeth in doodle heaven, painting up a frenzy on the walls (and most other flat surfaces) of a house. A house that I would love to live in- if only to have a monster window and 2D piano to call my own.

I can’t wait to see them live.

Mood Music: I Say A Little Prayer For You by Dionne Warwick
Listen to the song here

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