A Time to Live in Dreams… (The B-52s Concert Review)

8 Aug

Call off the search parties! Bring in the sniffing does! Cease your googling of “Is blogonlyknows dead?”! I was absent for three days (three times longer than my previous retreat) while renewing my beach bum license (I passed, thank goodness, and am set for another year), and your patience is not going to be in vein- your reward is the news that the as well as me, The B-52s are still alive and kicking.

A town near mine has a concert series called “Alive at Five” where they bring acts that people would have killed to see 15-35 years ago (so basically groups that are right up my alley). A couple weeks ago it was MC Hammer, and this week it was The B-52s’ turn to play to the mothers and fathers of more the conventionally aged concert goers…

The eighties never left The B-52s, and The B-52s definitely seem to be doing their best to stay in the eighties. The hair, the miniskirts, Fred Schneider’s voice- none of it’s changed a bit.

Alive at Five is an outdoor event, in the middle of a patch of grass (featuring a large tree smack dab in the middle) surrounded by pavement. When I saw MC Hammer I was to the right of the tree, close but not all up in his grill. The crowd for The B-52s was a much less intense one (and probably had a median age of about 40 years older), so I was able to wheedle my way up to about three people from the front. Groovy! I got there a little early, and noticed that while the band was setting up, no less than 6 guitars were leaned up against the side of the stage. 6! …Really?

After a short wait, the gang took the stage and we partied like it was 1979- tinted glasses and all. Aside from Fred (sporting short blond hair and a black tee), Cindy Wilson (who still had long, lush blonde hair which complemented her tinted circular glasses and flow, hippie-dippie outfit), Kate Pierson (still a flaming redhead who will more than likely go to the grave in a miniskirt), and Keith Strickland (the cool dude on the bass), there was a woman playing bass, a guy on drums, and a couple other miscellaneous people floating around the stage. It’s a B-52s concert, who really focuses on details such as people on stage? It’s a par-tay, and pretty much everything goes- including a bright pink wig for good ol’ Fred’s head. Oh Fred.

One of the women next to me was simultaneously a uber-fan and uber-drunk, one of the funniest combinations I’ve come across in a while. She knew every word to every song, and heckled for “Give Me Back My Man” to be played- which they eventually did (if only to keep her quiet). ;)

Final thoughts: I’m in love in the year 2011, and tonight it was the spirited B-52s who were the objects of my affection.

(partially incomplete and out of order, I was having too good a time to keep close track)
Private Idaho
Give Me Back My Man
Deadbeat Club
Love In The Year 3000
Love Shack
Rock Lobster
(This was the song that everyone was really waiting for, and it didn’t disappoint.)

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