Busy Doin’ Nothin’… (I Like Neighbors)

13 Aug

Neighbors: not a fan of the actual beings who live above and near me, but definitely on board with the Brooklyn band.

Today was a relatively quiet day (aside from a full day of work and a grand e-mail jamboree), and served as a little catch-up window. In addition to sorting coins and organizing my photos, I gave a listen to some new CDs I’d accumulated. One of my internships is at a music PR firm, and a couple weeks ago there was a massive clean out of old CDs that the office didn’t have room for anymore. Downside: I had to carry boxes and boxes of CDs down four floors. Upside: free music! My favorite find thus far is Neighbors, a band that I thought I’d heard mentioned somewhere sometime somehow, but couldn’t put my finger on any song or lyric or anything of theirs.

Well, I listened to their August EP, and I have to say it’s absolutely lovely. Very bubbly, lots of interesting instrumentals and sound effects, smooth as butter vocals, good summer fun. Synths are a dish best served with bells, clapping, and carrots, and Neighbors delivered on 2/3. Who needs calcium anyway? Overrated, I’d rather “Ophilia”. Tick tock, tick tick tick tock.

Track 1: August
Track 2: Ophelia
Track 3: Gone Too Long
Track 4: Bad Timing

…Ironically enough, the day I hear the lyrics “keep your porch light o-o-o-o-on” is they day that my porch light goes off. Can’t win ’em all.

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