I Went to Sleep… (Movie Soundtracks and Duran Duran)

14 Aug

Rainy days, rainy daze, rainy haze. Whenever it rains, I play Duran Duran’s “Hold Back the Rain”. It’s my version of a hold-back-the-rain-dance.

I’ve gone to the movies a bit recently, and been thinking about scores a bit. Ending credit songs are my favorite- that’s always what makes the biggest impression on me. The best one I can recall off the top of my head was the one in “Inside Job”- that movie about those schmucks on Wall Street, the economy, the crash, that jazz. MGMT’s “Congratulations” came on right as the screen went black, and it was perfect. I didn’t expect an indie (can you still call them that? were they ever really?) band, let alone one so unexpected for the setting. It was sarcastic, of course, and a strangely calm way to end a heavy film, but it worked. Worked enough for me to remember it almost a year later and blog about it. Congrats.

One Response to “I Went to Sleep… (Movie Soundtracks and Duran Duran)”

  1. Francis August 16, 2011 at 6:15 AM #

    I feel compelled to mention Exit Music (For a Film) as it was written specifically for the end credits of Romeo and Juliet. :)

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