Good Timin’… (Bright Eyes’ Live Recordings EP)

15 Aug

Right after the Bright Eyes concerts, all I wanted was more Bright Eyes. More more more! *cue heavy utensil banging on a table and a perfectly executed pouty lip* After most concerts this is a request that, no matter how many gummy bears I sacrifice to the music gods, remains just that: an unanswered request.

Enter Bright Eyes. I always knew we had a connection. Back to the scene: me, post-concert depression, Youtube-ing videos from concerts for comfort but it’s no use- they’re just like my outlook: terrible quality, lack of focus. My cure? Today I was searching through my webpage bookmarks and found one about a little Bright Eyes EP that was released on July 4th. I haven’t the slightest why it took me so long to listen to it, but it was literally just what I was jonesing for.

In particular, “Lover I Don’t Have To Love” didn’t have the same spark anymore. Live, Conor Oberst had so much energy, made it rawer than a still mooing steak, I loved the addition of the female vocals during the chorus at the end, after having a 2.0 version of the song in my head I just didn’t want to go back to dial-up. Well, Bright Eyes took that awesome blossom (extra awesome) version in my head and digitized it, stuck it with a few other choice songs that are being featured on the current tour (Firewall, Shell Games, Arc of Time (Time Code), Bowl of Oranges, The Ladder Song), and called them “Live Recordings”.

I’m always nervous when hearing live albums; sometimes they’re just annoying, sometimes I realize there’s a reason a particular artist favors auto-tuning on their studio albums, sometimes I just get jealous that I wasn’t there. With the new version of “Lover”… not the case at all. It’s just like I remembered! Excellent quality! The whole song is there, not just random snippets like the Youtube uploads! Yes!

I always knew there was a reason Bright Eyes held a special place in my heart, and this album was an affirmation that that space their renting is as good as sold. Best tenants ever.

Listen to the album version of “Lover I Don’t Have to Love”

…And then compare it to the fancy liiiiiiiiiiiiiive version of “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”

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