Let’s Go Away For Awhile… (My Last Day at My Internship)

27 Aug

Thursday was my last day (for now!) at my record label internship. During my six month stint there, I worked with the greatest guys in the world. I got to talk shop with the people who get things done, felt useful when I got to write website updates and newsletters, and learned that office skateboards are an absolutely necessary part of the modern workplace.

My last day didn’t go unnoticed, so after a big mailing the crew went to Rosa Mexicana, a restaurant that makes New York City’s best guacamole (fact, not opinion) where we toasted an unpaid job well done and looked back on the memories. Oh, the memories.

Now, one of my favorite memories is going to be my farewell song, “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. Really?! Really. It was such a cheesefest, complete with the whole office belting the chorus with more passion than a soap opera death scene; it was the stuff that infamous Youtube videos are made of and absolutely perfect.

Now this song strikes a double whammy in my heart, the first memory being from back in the summer after sophomore year in high school. I went on a two week backpacking trip in Maine with nine other high schoolers and three guides where our spirits and calves were tested equally, both feeling the burn on an a steady basis. One of the comedians of the group, Colin, got into the habit of singing the one and only “End of the Road” as we’d be climbing an especially tough peak, approaching that last path… actually, after further recollection, he’d make pretty much any excuse to sing it as often as possible. Nose bleed on the trail? End of the Road! Found some moose bones? End of the road! Actually reaching the end of the road?! END OF THE ROAD, BABY! I still laugh whenever I think of his infectious enthusiasm towards that song, and how quickly we all joined in on the fun. New Facez II Fast Friends.

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