All Dressed Up for School… (Convocation Ceremony with Jay-Z and The Beatles)

30 Aug

Convocation. It’s basically like graduation, but happens at my college before one’s taken their first class. Billowing robes, tassels in velvet bags, speakers equipped with cringe-worthy jokes a-plenty, and a band; it’s all there.

A couple students got up and spoke about their research opportunities and experiences (yawn), teachers spoke about teaching (yawn), a nondenominational prayer was said (for our sanity, I can only assume, but still yawn), the dean of students (let’s call him “Dean” from now on) played a clip of a Danger Mouse song (yaw- WAIT, WHAT?!)…

Dean is really into staying him and music- he tweets, has a Facebook where Katy Perry and Cobra Starship are two of the many artists he’s listed as favorites), and today he dipped a toe into the pool of mash-ups. He started his speech with “In 1968, The Beatles released an album that’s probably way before your time…” (internal diaolgue: The White Album, duh) “…called The White Album. 35 years later, Jay-Z came out with an extremely influential album which more of you will probably be familiar with…” (internal dialogue: *draws a blank*) “…called The Black Album.” He went on to explain that in 2004, Danger Mouse created an album where he sampled from both of these extremely different yet similarly powerful albums, and he fittingly called his masterpiece The Gray Album. Dean then played a clip of one of the songs where Jay is rapping about going to school, and tied the lyrics back to some of his main points. Dean is, in both an authoritative and cool-factor way, the man.

Edited on Sept. 15: I still have my convocation robe in my wardrobe my accident, I forgot to hand it back in. Oh well, if I get that letter from Hogwarts now, I’ll have one thing crossed off my supply list!

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