Brian’s Back… (Brian Wilson’s Appearance on My College Campus)

31 Aug

A Cautionary Tale…

Setting: The college dorms, in the common room of a suite

Characters: Anne, the protagonist; Kate and Jessie, two friends; and Mallory, one of the friend’s suitemates

Aaaaaaaaaaand SCENE!

Act 1, Scene 1

Anne: [sitting on couch, looking around, spotting a concert poster for The Beach Boys, Crosby Nash Stills and Young, and other similar bands] Nice poster! I love The Bea-

Mallory: [laughing and shaking her head] Oh my gosh, it’s so embarrassing! My mom gave it to me before I left so I could put it up and think of her when I see it. So weird! [rolls eyes]

Anne: [looks away, hides face] [to herself] -ch Boys. Yeah, umm, let’s pretend that never happened. I was definitely going to say the bead shop down the street, the bean bag chair in the corner, the beast under the bed… anything less socially embarrassing.

Anne: So… how ’bout them Rex Sox?

[end scene]

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