Magic Transistor Radio… (I Have A Radio Show!)

14 Sep

When I arrived at college about three weeks ago, I thought Collegetown, PA was going to be my home. A traditional way of marking one’s location with a traditional address, a traditional Google-Map-able pinpoint, a traditional place where parents can send care packages of food and variou$ thing$… ;)

As of tonight (Wednesday) at 6-7PM EST, it’s clear that that’s not the case. The airwaves are my domain, the DJ booth my pad. Before even setting foot on campus as a metriculated student, I knew I wanted a radio show. I’m not overly keen on public speaking and don’t have a buttery smooth voice, but time slot, wanted I. Got one, I did, so for the rest of the semester an hour of my hump day is going to be spent in a tiny booth- just me, my music, and about 50 buttons that can lead to nuclear destruction if pressed wrong.

Promising 100-watt smiles and eternal thanks, I roped a friend into coming with me for the first bit to make sure I got into the swing of things alright (and preferably didn’t set off any of the aforementioned nuclear devices…). And thank goodness for that! Shows are broadcast on a local station, but also on the internet and they have to be managed separately. The internet broadcast went off without a hitch, but for the local stream I didn’t know to turn up the volume on my computer so there was dead air for a few minutes… yikes! Funnily enough when I got it working, a song by The Kinks was playing and I made a joke about kinks in production and the band name- not ten minutes into DJing and I already got to impose my bad humor on innocent listeners! ;)

I plan to let the music do most of the talking while I act as the invisible man pushing the buttons and choosing the choice tunes. I did make sure to say the names of the songs every so often, because it’s one of my biggest pet peeves that many mainstream stations don’t to that anymore! The only thing more frustrating than listening to bad music is listening to a good song, not catching the title or artist, and losing it forever.

I publicized my show on the internet and to my friends here at school (the station is broadcast in the dining hall, so I told them that on Wednesdays they’re eating dinner at 6 hehe), and I was so flattered by how many people actually tuned in and gave me positive feedback! Encore, encore! Ok, I’ll be back next week. :)

Playlist for Radio Show on 9/14

1. Step Into My Office, Baby by Belle & Sebastian
2. Pomegranate by Anders Ponders
3. Apeman by The Kinks
4. El Capitan by The Steelwells
5. I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls
6. Handle With Care by Traveling Wilburys
7. Politics In Space by Kate Miller-Heidke
(this song had one of the no-no words for radio, so I got to bleep my first curse by turning down the audio dial right when it was sung… somebody’s not getting sued today!)
8. August by Neighbors
9. Golden Lights by The Smiths
10. Banana Splits by The Dickies
11. Second Bird of Paradise by The Rosebuds
12. Lose Your Soul by Dead Man’s Bones
13. Kids Aflame by ARMS
14. Rich Girl by Hall & Oates
15. Is There Anyone Out There by Duran Duran
16. Cabbage Town by Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band
17. Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into The Water, Triumph Of by the Mountain Goats




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