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Whistle In… (The New Year!)

1 Jan

My review of the new Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be the same as my reviews of ABBA cover bands and meatballs: the Swedish version was better (thanks IKEA for culturally enlightening me on the latter).

…I’ve got pomegranate fingers and sleepy brain, but I’m going to start this year off right, bloggin’ my little heart out like a good little engine should! Toot toot huzzah!


Brian’s Back… (Brian Wilson’s Appearance on My College Campus)

31 Aug

A Cautionary Tale…

Setting: The college dorms, in the common room of a suite

Characters: Anne, the protagonist; Kate and Jessie, two friends; and Mallory, one of the friend’s suitemates

Aaaaaaaaaaand SCENE!

Act 1, Scene 1

Anne: [sitting on couch, looking around, spotting a concert poster for The Beach Boys, Crosby Nash Stills and Young, and other similar bands] Nice poster! I love The Bea-

Mallory: [laughing and shaking her head] Oh my gosh, it’s so embarrassing! My mom gave it to me before I left so I could put it up and think of her when I see it. So weird! [rolls eyes]

Anne: [looks away, hides face] [to herself] -ch Boys. Yeah, umm, let’s pretend that never happened. I was definitely going to say the bead shop down the street, the bean bag chair in the corner, the beast under the bed… anything less socially embarrassing.

Anne: So… how ’bout them Rex Sox?

[end scene]

Let’s Go Away For Awhile… (My Last Day at My Internship)

27 Aug

Thursday was my last day (for now!) at my record label internship. During my six month stint there, I worked with the greatest guys in the world. I got to talk shop with the people who get things done, felt useful when I got to write website updates and newsletters, and learned that office skateboards are an absolutely necessary part of the modern workplace.

My last day didn’t go unnoticed, so after a big mailing the crew went to Rosa Mexicana, a restaurant that makes New York City’s best guacamole (fact, not opinion) where we toasted an unpaid job well done and looked back on the memories. Oh, the memories.

Now, one of my favorite memories is going to be my farewell song, “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. Really?! Really. It was such a cheesefest, complete with the whole office belting the chorus with more passion than a soap opera death scene; it was the stuff that infamous Youtube videos are made of and absolutely perfect.

Now this song strikes a double whammy in my heart, the first memory being from back in the summer after sophomore year in high school. I went on a two week backpacking trip in Maine with nine other high schoolers and three guides where our spirits and calves were tested equally, both feeling the burn on an a steady basis. One of the comedians of the group, Colin, got into the habit of singing the one and only “End of the Road” as we’d be climbing an especially tough peak, approaching that last path… actually, after further recollection, he’d make pretty much any excuse to sing it as often as possible. Nose bleed on the trail? End of the Road! Found some moose bones? End of the road! Actually reaching the end of the road?! END OF THE ROAD, BABY! I still laugh whenever I think of his infectious enthusiasm towards that song, and how quickly we all joined in on the fun. New Facez II Fast Friends.

How She Boogalooed It… (A Cautionary Tale About Listening to Groovy Songs In Public Places)

16 Aug

This is indeed a cautionary tale; it happened to me and it could certainly happen to you… none are safe from Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

I love this song. It’s one of those tunes that I can have one repeat for an hour and still maintain the same excited anticipation for those opening notes. It always brings a smile to my face and a sway to body. The smile I can handle and wholeheartedly welcome, it’s the groovin’ that can sometimes get in the way. When I’m in the comfort and solitude of my home- sure, let’s take a nod from Tommy boy circa “Risky Business” and wiggle like a jellyfish. Blub, blub, shuffle, blub!

But the subway… not so much. Today I was totally in the zone: on my hour-long train ride I had a great playlist going, then on the subway it was all dreamin’ with Daryl and John. And when I say “in the zone”, well, it was like all the tourists, businessmen, creeps, foreigners, and the odd normal person weren’t even there. It started with a foot tap, then a head bob, then finger snapping, then present day “Grease” (well, maybe not that far, but I was definitely dancing). My eyes were closed- cutting off one sense strengthens the others and I wanted to devote all my being to listening. I don’t know what snapped me out of it, but as soon as I caught myself and realized the silly girl I was looking like I slowly came to a halt and drew the curtains on my oculi curtains. A few faces. A few amused faces. Oh well, I guess it was just my turn to be “that girl” on the subway today. ;)

Haha, literally just as I finished writing the song came on. Oh, Fates, I like your sense of humor.

I Went to Sleep… (Movie Soundtracks and Duran Duran)

14 Aug

Rainy days, rainy daze, rainy haze. Whenever it rains, I play Duran Duran’s “Hold Back the Rain”. It’s my version of a hold-back-the-rain-dance.

I’ve gone to the movies a bit recently, and been thinking about scores a bit. Ending credit songs are my favorite- that’s always what makes the biggest impression on me. The best one I can recall off the top of my head was the one in “Inside Job”- that movie about those schmucks on Wall Street, the economy, the crash, that jazz. MGMT’s “Congratulations” came on right as the screen went black, and it was perfect. I didn’t expect an indie (can you still call them that? were they ever really?) band, let alone one so unexpected for the setting. It was sarcastic, of course, and a strangely calm way to end a heavy film, but it worked. Worked enough for me to remember it almost a year later and blog about it. Congrats.

The Man with All the Toys… (Maintaining Humility with Success)

2 Aug

It isn’t necessary for an artist to have a conscience or a soul to sell records, but it’s always a plus.

The first time in recent memory when this topic came up was at the first James Blake concert I attended, back in February at the Bowery Ballroom. The concert came, the concert went, and it was time for his encore. The crowd cheered, he came back out, and ended the night with a couple more songs. Before he got down to them though, he paused for a moment and told us, the audience, how much it meant to actually be called back for an encore. In recent years, it’s become almost expected for artists to come back on stage after shows for a couple more songs, but James maintained that it isn’t a given, that it still means a great deal to him. He recalled being back in clubs, back when he was just James Blake and not ZOMGITSJAMESBLAKELUVHIM, and how grateful he was to have made it this far. It was sweet.

Conor Oberst gave a similar shout out at the concert on Friday. Before “Another Travelin’ Song”, he dedicated the tune to all those artists still struggling to get their music heard, sleeping on couches while on tour, rolling with the punches of life on the road, making music for the joy of it. There were some whoops of understanding from the audience, and a big chuckle from Eric and Elizabeth as we’d just been talking about some of their road stories. Conor said that Bright Eyes took that couch-hopping, ramen-eating, playing-to-audiences-of-single-digit-people-and-still-jamming-away route for a while- it’s easy to associate them with success now as they’ve gained notoriety and a fan base, but I like knowing that they still remember their roots, where they came from, where they started out. And even that they still couch surf on occasion.

The Shift… (If Abbott and Costello Were Music Guys)

25 Jul

I think that if Abbott and Costello (the “who’s on first” comedians, for those of you living under a rock under a rock) had put more of a focus on music as a break from the sports jokes (or, well, joke) they could have hit comedy gold. Let me explain…

The Sketch Abbott and Costello Missed Out On

-The Who
-The Band

Rough Script:
“Have you heard of Them?”
“No, not Who, Them!”
“What are they?”
“That band!”
“The Band?!”

I feel like this has potential… :)

Currently listening to: Girl Don’t Tell Me by The Beach Boys
Girl Don’t Tell Me by The Beach Boys