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We’re Together Again… (First Day of Classes!)

17 Jan

Oh homework, how much I missed our toxic relationship; day one of classes and I’m already sick of you.

The most miraculous thing about the first day of school last semester was the fact that my legs stopped wobbling enough throughout the day so I was able to physically make it to my classes. It had been a while, and the thought of it all was the most fearsome element. Well, it was until I listened to my theme song of the day.

On the train ride down to the campus in late August, my dad gave me a piece of paper with a song and artist on it and a dollar to buy said song. He said that I should play it while I walked to my first class on my first day to pump me up and put a little strut in my step. Music is my medicine, and “Hold Your Head Up” by Argent definitely did the trick. While walking to places in the morning I usually go for The Beach Boys, but I made an exception this one time. I didn’t let myself listen to the song before my walk so I’d be surprised and extra excited. 8:15AM, out my door, down three flights of stairs, on to the quad, press play. Drum drum drum drummmmmm, drum drum drum powwwwwwww! After the first note I was hooked, and my head was definitely held high! It’s amazing how great an effect a song can have on a mood, and this one energized me and totally took my mind away from my worries.

So, even though I’m a seasoned one semester veteran now, I dug that song up from my iTunes catalog and jammed out to it on my ridiculously early walk today. And the only bonus about my class being on the second floor of the farthest building on campus? I got to listen to the song twice!


School Day… (Welcome to College!)

26 Aug

The one thing that can tear a blogger away from her beloved blog: bee stings to the face that impeded her vision… that, and going to college.

College! A time for buying textbooks worth as much as my car and changing one’s romantic status from “single” to “in a relationship with: the library”. A time for making new friends and making gosh darn sure there’s space in your new room for your turntable (there is).

When packing, the eternal question was and forever will be, “do I really need this?” My answers:
-turntable YES
-awesome speakers in addition to an iHome YES
-7″ records to hang on the wall YES
-Rocky soundtrack album cover also for the wall YES
-clothing, food, and basic supplies NEGOTIABLE

Any suprises? ;)

Currently listening to: This Time Tomorrow by The Kinks and even more appropriate, A Long Way From Home by The Kinks