About Me

My name is Anne, and every morning I wake up and listen to a Beach Boys album while watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I like oldies, indie, rock, and- sorry, I have to flip my record now, I’ll finish my “about me” later. ;)

…Ok I’m back. I try to post once a day about the album that’s my current obsession, the concert I went to that changed my life, the song that’s been stuck in my head for two weeks now, whatever musical chord strikes my fancy that day. You may notice that all the titles of my posts will sound like Beach Boys songs, and that’s because those darn boys stole my brilliant brain blasts half a century ago. It’s one of my firmest beliefs that all of life’s precious moments can be captured in a Beach Boys song, and via blog titles I’m going to prove it.

Sometimes I’ll use pictures (visual aides, yay!), and all of them are ones I’ve taken myself unless otherwise noted. As an evolved human being I’ve learned how to simultaneously listen to music and press that big shiny button on the camera. Impressive, I know; I’ll sign t-shirts, foreheads, and posters- just no used tissues please.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason, feel free to e-mail be at blogonlyknowsbyanne@gmail.com


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